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Personal Umbrella Liability


A personal umbrella insurance policy offers an extra layer of liability protection for your wages, house, investments, cars and boats if you're in a serious auto accident or there's an accident on your property.
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A personal umbrella policy extends the bodily injury and personal damage liability limits of your home or auto policies.

Consider the following scenario: Your home insurance provides $300,000 of liability coverage. A serious accident happens on your property, and you're sued for $1.3 million resulting in a judgment against you.Your insurance pays up to $300,000 for a covered accident, but you hold responsibility for paying the remaining $1 million.

If you had $1 million of coverage under an umbrella insurance policy, you'd be covered with nothing out of your pocket (other than your monthly premium). Instead, without the additional protection from a personal umbrella policy, you're looking at the possibility of needing to liquidate your assets to pay the remaining $1 million in this example.

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