Automobile Insurance


Full Name: Automobile Insurance

We offer extensive coverage options that may be available to give you peace of mind when you're on the road. Customize your policy to get the coverage that fits your life.

  • Categories: Personal
  • Also Known As : Car Insurance, Truck Insurance, Private Passenger Insurance Policy, PPA, Family Auto Policy
  • Range in last 12 months : $202 $6,638
  • Despite the popularity of the term, there is no policy called “full coverage auto insurance.” When lenders use this term, they typically are referring to building a dependable auto insurance package that provides coverage for a variety of different circumstances.

    This insurance is not designed for business uses like Lyft, Uber and Door dash! Claims resulting from this type of use will be denied. That coverage is called Business Auto Insurance.

    How do I insure My Car

    Car insurance is very customizable - mainly because there are so many types of vehicles. Old, New, Fast, Slow, Truck, Sedan - so many types and they can all be covered under one policy!

    When thinking about the coverage for your car, it starts with what would happen if the car was not there any more. Could you buy a replacement vehicle today?

    If you can not afford to repair or replace your vehicle today, then you may need Comprehensive and Collision - commonly (yet incorrectly) called Full Coverage.

    For 99% of the vehicles we insure, we do not need to worry about the cost of the vehicle because it doesn't matter. If the car/truck is damaged or destroyed, the company has to make you whole again. This means that they need to fix it or replace it with the same year make and model that you had -within reason and minus any applicable deductible.

    Liability is a whole other subject. This is you thinking to the future to protect yourself against any possible lawsuit that may be brought upon you after you damage something or someone.

    Our recommendation is do not take state minimums - in fact, we start every quote at TEN times that number and then adjust each policy to meet that specific clients needs. About 1/5 of our clients even go so far as going over $1million!