eBike Insurance


Full Name: eBike Insurance

Because an e-bike is regulated as a regular bicycle by most states, insurance for electric bicycles isn't mandated by law. However, carrying an insurance policy specific to your e-bike can be critical if you cause an accident while riding and are financially responsible for injuries and damages. Additionally, like a car or motorcycle, your electric bike is an investment, and e-bike insurance may safeguard your bike against theft, vandalism, and damage while in storage.

  • Categories: Powersports
  • Also Known As : Electric Bike
  • If you're cruising around on an e-bike, we've got good news for you: We can now help you protect your investment with e-bike insurance!

    Just like with any vehicle, insuring your e-bike is a smart decision. You'll know you're protected against theft or accidents whether your e-bike is used on road, on bike paths, or off-road.

    We also offers additional specialized coverages like Carried Contents© , Safety Riding Apparel, and Roadside Assistance. All of this protection will let you enjoy each ride that much more.

    Give us a call today to get your e-bike protected.

    Your home policy may offer some coverage for your eBike... but it will be the same coverage as your couch. You couch will never be going 20mph down the road and collide with anything. So when your eBike is flying down the sidewalk and hits something... that's not covered!