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Boat Insurance


Full Name: Boat Insurance

Whether youre on the water every weekend, or just the summer holidays, our Boat program gives you far more than the basics.

  • Categories: Powersports
  • Also Known As : Boatowners
  • Adding your boat to your homeowners policy may not be the insurance solution you intend, especially if you want an agreed value or replacement cost settlement. Our boat policy gives you separate liability protection, higher limits, and many more options such as emergency assistance, protection from uninsured or underinsured boats, loss of fishing gear, and more.

    Did you know that about half of all boaters on the water this year did not carry any insurance at all? That may be fine for their own boat... but what if they hit you??

    How do I insure My Boat

    What is your boat worth? That is where we start.

    If you want Comprehensive and Collision, you need to ask yourself, or the internet, what will it take to go buy that same year, make and model (and trailer and motor too). That is what you insure the boat for.

    Then think about liability... what's the worse that can happen on the water. Tough one.

    The majority of boat polices carry around $100,000 for liability. This means that if you hurt someone - or their boat, you have $100,000 to protect you.

    Sounds like a lot - except a new 25 foot Sea Ray out on Lake Gaston costs about $125,000